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Konjo House is a design studio based in Accra, Ghana. "Konjo" is derived from the Amharic language, which meaning Beautiful. Our is to create and transforming spaces with design functionality and cultural aesthetics.
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About us

Konjo House is a design studio based in Accra, Ghana, founded by Designer and Contemporary Artist Sabukie Osabutey. "Konjo" is derived from the Amharic language, meaning Beautiful hence our goal of creating and transforming spaces with design functionality and cultural aesthetics.

Currently, our areas of specialty are; landscape design, Interior design, and Product design. At Konjo House, we cherish comfort, originality, culture, fine living, and freedom. And these are fundamental elements we incorporate into every design.

Our clients understand the importance and power of every curated space and the benefit to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Our Services

We are a design studio


Landscape Design

Our work in the execution of landscape projects focuses on a well-planned and fully functional place of abode.


Interior Design

Our interiors tell a story. We use design elements that create a balance between human behavior and nature.


Product Design

At Konjo House, our retail store operates in home décor and kitchenware products locally manufactured in Africa.


Our design studio provides a custom-made experience for our clients. With our professional team of designers, we design and build artefacts and products.


Our Client say.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these.

Our services

We are design studio

Client Consultation

It involves active listening, asking pertinent questions, and gathering essential information to tailor services or solutions to the client's specific needs and preferences.

Concept Design

It serves as the foundation for more detailed and refined designs in various fields, such as architecture, product development, or graphic design.

Site Visit

Site visit provides an opportunity to assess the site's conditions, gather data, and identify any potential challenges or opportunities for a project.

Technical Drawings & 3D Design

3D design creates three-dimensional digital models that enable a more comprehensive visualization of the final product or structure.